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Jewish Basball Playe Artwork
What is Jewish Baseball Player Artwork?
A piece of Jewish Baseball History, past and present, captured in a Priceless Limited Edition custom designed Work of Art. This all inclusive group has never been assembled in one place before.
What is Original Artwork?
A 24” X 36” Work Of Art Depicting 26 Current & Former Jewish Baseball Players, Along With 9 Prominent Jewish Figures In Baseball, All Individually Numbered 1-100, Certified Authentic By MLB And With Each Piece Originally Hand Autographed.
5 Unique Series of Originally Hand Signed Artwork to Choose From

What is a Replica?
We offer 3 choices of the replica pieces, all framing, shipping, handling and insurance included:
  • Framed 20″ x 30″ – $495
  • Full Sized Framed 24″ x 36″ with Separate Nameplate (Looks exactly like the Original!!) – $600
  • Full Sized Framed Canvas replica With Your Image Hand Painted in By Original Artist with Separate Nameplate – $1,250 (Additional for each additional person. Please call)
Artwork Legend
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Baseball Executives/Personalities In the Crowd (Left to Right)

** Al Rosen, Marvin Miller, and Michael Weiner have all passed since the signing of the artwork

28. Derrick Hall

29. Marvin Miller

30. Larry King

31. Rob Reiner

32. Theo Epstein

33. Charley Steiner

34. Bud Selig

35. Billy Crystal

36. Jerry Reinsdorf

37. Michael Weiner

Other Significant Figures In The Crowd (Left to Right)

38. Giants Player Sid Gordon

39. Steve Stone’s Dad

40. Boston Player Moe Berg

41. Sportswriter Jerome Holtzman

42. Shawn Green’s Dad

43. Steve Yeager’s Father In Law

44. Greg Harris’ Son, Sam, And Parents

45. Doug Davis, MLB Pitcher

46. Greg Harris’ Daughters, Jamie And Charli

47. Greg Harris And Wife, Julie

48. Ian Kinsler’s Dad49Ryan Braun’s Dad

50. Craig Breslow’s Dad

51. Artist Ron Lewis

52. Kevin Youkilis’ Dad

53. Greg Harris’ In Laws

54. First Jewish Player Lipman Pike

55. Washington Player Buddy Myer

Various Symbols Contained in the Artwork

Names Inscribed on the Bats:Names Inscribed on Baseballs

56. Andy Cohen

62. Cal Abrams

57. Phil Weintraub

63. Barney Pelty

58. Elliott Maddox

64. Larry Sherry

59. Ken Holtzman

65. Erskine Mayer

60. Jimmy Reese

61. Goody Rosen

66. MVP Years are Noted On The Bats Of Ryan Braun, Al Rosen And Hank Greenberg
67. 3 Cy Young Awards And The 1 MVP Award are Noted On The Baseballs Held By Sandy Koufax
68. The Cy Young Award Is Noted On Steve Stone’s Glove
69. The MLB Hologram & Certificate of Authentication Individually Numbered and Placed on Every Lithograph

70. All Time Greatest Jewish Lineup Card:


Jewish Symbols in the Artwork:

71. Jewish Star Drawn In The Dirt
72. Chai
73. Jewish Star on two Helmets
74. Tallis
75. Box Of Matzah
76. Flag of Israel

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