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Hank Greenberg

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Hank Greenberg

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Hank Greenberg, known as the first Jewish superstar in American team sports, stood out not only for his tremendous skill but also for his strong identity and integrity. Playing primarily for the Detroit Tigers and briefly for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Greenberg left an indelible mark with a .313 career batting average, 331 home runs, and 1,274 RBIs. His career was highlighted by two MVP awards and two World Series championships. Notably, Greenberg's decision not to play on Yom Kippur in 1934 showcased his commitment to his faith and earned him respect far beyond the baseball diamond. Despite losing prime years to World War II service, his slugging ability and run production remained remarkable, as evidenced by his 58 home runs in 1938 and an incredible 184 RBIs in 1937, showcasing his status as a true Jewish legend in the sport​.

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