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Personalize A Piece
Of Jewish History

Thanks to the original artist, Ron Lewis, we are able to paint you and any family members or friends into your own personal baseball or music piece.  Ron will hand paint your piece, number it 1 of 1, and sign it for you.


So be a Rock Star, Groupie or even a Roadie in the piece.  Perhaps you are a Ballplayer, or just a fan enjoying the game, you and your family and friends come to life in this personalized piece.

“Incredible Gift Idea!!” 

Scroll down to see how it works.

Personalization Jews In Music and Jews in baseball

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Examples of Personalized Pieces 
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Have Renowned Artist, Ron Lewis, Hand Paint Your Image Into Your Own Baseball Or Music Piece

Personal Steps

How It Works

Watch Video, or Follow Steps Below - Contact Us For More Information 

Personalization Explained In Under 2 Minutes

1. Choose Your Piece

Jews In Baseball
Framed Jewish Baseball Artwork Fundraiser
Jews In Music
Untitled design - 2024-06-12T163003.047.webp

Design Concept Only

Painting In Progress

2. Choose Your Role
  • For the music lovers, let us know if you want to be in your music piece as a musician (singer, guitarist, pianist, etc.), a roadie, or a fan.

  • For the baseball fanatics, let us know if you want to be in your baseball piece as a player, batboy, or fan. 

3. Add Family, Friends, Groupies, Your Favorite Player and Fans 

Let us know who else you want painted in.

4. Add Personalized Touches

You can add your choice of T-shirt, jersey, hat or sign to personalize your piece.

 5. Order Additional Prints – Optional
  • Let us know if you want extra full sized personalized pieces or 8 x 10s to share. 

  • Can’t decide at checkout? Don’t worry we can add additional prints after you place your order.

6. Phone Consultation
  • Our team will call you and chat through the entire process from start to finish.  

  • We’ll confirm all your personalized preferences and have you provide photos for the artist to work from.

7. Approve Your Piece

Once your piece is painted by the artist, you can approve his work and have it changed if necessary.

8.  Receive Your Personalized Piece
  • It’ll be like Christmas for us Jewish people when it arrives.  Unwrap and be amazed!!

  • Typical timeline 2-5 weeks.

You can personalize an original piece of art or a replica. Personalization options are shown at checkout.

Many upgrades and add on options available at check out so click HERE to order your personalized piece now. 
Let us help you decide which piece is for you.  Call 847-924-6140


Interested in a Personalized Piece?
Reach out to us for more information. 

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