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Get your piece of Jewish music history, past and present, captured in this well designed and artistic presentation exclusively from famed artist Ron Lewis. This all-inclusive group of Jewish music legends and icons has never been assembled in one place before.

But…… Don’t Just Own A Piece of History, Become A Part Of It!!! 


This piece is for multiple musicians, band members, groupies, roadies or any combination.  So make your own Jewish Music history now and split the cost!!


This ain’t no photoshop. Let the original artist, Ron Lewis, hand paint your images as musicians on the stage jamming with these legends, or into the crowd of this masterpiece as a groupies.  The package comes with 2 musicians, groupies, roadies or any combination painted in.  Friends and family will be amazed after looking at the piece and realizing you are actually in your own piece.


Ron Lewis will then number your piece 1 / 1, and hand sign it.  The piece is also printed on artist canvas, in a larger size (30” x 45”) and custom framed.  The artist can also paint as many people into the piece as desired (see Add Ons below).


MULTIPLE PIECES IN PACKAGE: Once the piece is painted to your liking, we will scan it so that each person can get their own piece.   The package includes delivery of 2 full sized pieces.


8 x 10s INCLUDED:  The package also includes 10 – 8 x 10s of your personalized artwork for you to hand out to all your fans.  We can customize them with your band name or any other logo or info desired. 


ARTWORK INCLUDES FACSIMILE SIGNATURES OF ALL 36 (Double Chai!!) MUSICIANS: The impressive roster of facsimile autographs includes numerous Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, and legends, including, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel and a host of others.


MEMORABILIA SETS: Each piece contains replicas of 2 concert used guitar picks, a backstage pass to one of the musician’s concerts, and a top selling CD, all professionally mounted in the artwork framing.

CUSTOMIZED NAMEPLATE: Each piece comes with a Jews in Music Nameplate identifying every musician and all the hidden symbolic features.  Your personalized piece will have your name, band or any other custom information you desire. (example:  “Happy Birthday Joe,” “Rock On Mike,” “The Jammin’ Daddies”)


LEGEND OF THE ARTWORK: Each piece contains a Legend of all musicians in the piece, professionally mounted on the back and available for pull out viewing.

QR CODE:  Each piece includes a QR code linking to video information on the artwork and musicians.

FRAMING: Price includes your choice of frame and matting.. 




ADDITIONAL PEOPLE PAINTED IN:  Owners of the artwork may have additional band members or groupies painted into the piece on stage or in the crowd.  Each additional band member added by the artist is available for $500 per person, and each groupie for $400 per person.


ADDITIONAL 8 X 10s:  If 10 of the 8 x 10s aren’t enough to satisfy your fans, you can upgrade to more at the following prices:


  • 50 total - $225
  • 100 total - $300


ADDITIONAL FULL SIZED REPLICAS:  If 2 full sized pieces isn’t enough, you can add more full sized replicas for $800 each, with your choice of frame and matting, as well as all handling and insurance while in transit included. 


LOGO OR BAND NAME:  If you would like your band logo or band name or other signs customized in your piece, we can do that as well for an additional cost of $125.




Purchase of this item will benefit your choice of the following organizations or causes:

1. Jewish United Fund

2. Anti – Defamation League

3. Friends of The Israel Defense Forces

4. Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

5. The Anti-Cruelty Society

6. Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

7. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

8. Israel Baseball Americas


Multiple Musicians/Groupies Hand Painted In Your Replica Piece - The "Band"

  • Framed: 38" x 47"

    Unframed: 30" x 45"

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