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Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Jewish Baseball History, past and present, captured in this priceless custom designed Work of Art. This all-inclusive group has never been assembled in one place before.



Sandy Koufax is not only considered the greatest Jewish Baseball Player of all time, but is also thought of as possibly one of the best pitchers of all time, Jewish or not.   He is also an incredibly hard autograph to come by due to his private nature.  However, for those that want the “Most Important Autograph” for their piece, we have collected his rare autograph and included a Sandy Koufax Certified Authentic Autograph with Photo to the matting, as shown in the photos, and available at checkout if not sold out.

ARTWORK ALSO INCLUDES FACSIMILE SIGNATURES OF ALL 26 PLAYERS, AND 9 BASEBALL EXECUTIVES AND CELEBRITIES IN THE CROWD: The impressive roster of facsimile autographs includes Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax, 1953 MVP Al Rosen, 2011 MVP Ryan Braun, 14 All Stars and multiple World Series Champs, as well as baseball executives, Bud Selig, Theo Epstein, and Hall of Famer Marvin Miller, not to mention baseball celebrity fans Rob Reiner and Larry King.


This is an exact replica of piece #1/100 of the original artwork in its full 24” x 36” size.  It looks exactly like the Original!!

FRAMING: Price includes your choice of frame and matting. 





The original artist will hand paint the purchaser’s own portrait into the crowd of a replica piece, number it 1 / 1, and sign your piece.   The piece is also printed on artist canvas, in a larger size and custom framed.  The purchaser can be painted into the crowd as a spectator, or even onto the field as a player in uniform or as a bat boy.   The artist can also paint as many people into the piece as desired.  Friends and family are always amazed after examining the piece and realizing the purchaser is actually in their own piece.  These are truly 1 of a kind and the best seller over the years.  Owners of the artwork may have their piece personalized for an additional $650, as shown in the photos, and available at checkout if not sold out.  Each additional person added by the artist is available for $500 per person.



Hank Greenberg, possibly the greatest Jewish Baseball Player of all time, died in 1986, prior to the creation of this iconic artwork.  Therefore, his original autograph on the artwork itself was not possible.  However, we have collected his rare autograph and offer owners of the artwork an opportunity to add a Hank Greenberg Certified Authentic Autograph and Photo to the matting of any piece for an additional $1,500, as shown in the photos, and available at checkout if not sold out.




Purchase of this item will benefit your choice of the following organizations or causes:

1. Jewish United Fund

2. Anti – Defamation League

3. Friends of The Israel Defense Forces

4. Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

5. The Anti-Cruelty Society

6. Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

7. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

8. Israel Baseball Americas

Sandy Koufax Originally Autographed Limited Edition

  • Framed: 34” x 42”

    Unframed: 24” x 36”

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