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Call us at (312) 624-8526 to order a Hank Greenberg edition, personalized canvas or “GOLD ISSUE” piece.


What is Original Artwork?

A 24” X 36” Work Of Art Depicting 26 Current & Former Jewish Baseball Players, Along With 9 Prominent Jewish Figures In Baseball, All Individually Numbered 1-100, Certified Authentic By MLB And With Each Piece Originally Hand Autographed.


5 Unique Series of Originally Hand Signed Artwork to Choose From

Starting at $6,500 and Detailed Below


Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Jewish Baseball History, past and present, captured in this Priceless Limited Edition custom designed Work of Art. This all inclusive group has never been assembled in one place before.


Series I – “The Original” – $6,500 Each

Artwork Individually Autographed By All 26 Ballplayers


Series II – “Inscriptions” – $7,500 Each

Artwork Individually Autographed By All 26 Ballplayers, With Every Player Adding An Individual Inscription, Such As HOF ’72 For Sandy Koufax, 1953 MVP for Al Rosen, etc.


Series III – “Canvas” – $7,500 Each ($9,600 Personalized*)

Artwork Individually Autographed By All 26 Ballplayers And Printed In A Larger 26 ½” X 40” Size On Artist’s Canvas Material


* Personalized: The Original Artist Will Hand Paint Your Own Portrait into the Crowd of the Original Piece


Series IV – “Players & Crowd” – $8,500 Each

Artwork Individually Autographed By All 26 Ballplayers And 9 Baseball Executives, Broadcasters And Entertainers


Series V – “Greatest Moments” – $8,500 Each

Each Work of Art Is Individually Autographed By All 26 Ballplayers, And Individually Inscribed By The Artist With A Unique Number 1-100 And Description, Corresponding To A Significant Moment In Jewish Baseball History. An Accompanying Certificate Detailing The Moment And Autographed By At Least One Of The Ballplayers Related To The Moment Is All Part Of This Amazing Package


Limited Edition “GOLD ISSUE” Pieces

Each Series Above Contains 6 Incredibly Rare “GOLD ISSUE” Pieces Which Are Autographed In Gold Ink, Specially Inscribed As “GOLD ISSUE”, And Includes A Special Certificate Identifying Them As Such

  • 5 – In Honor of Hank Greenberg
  • 6 – In Memory of the 6 Million Holocaust Victims
  • 8 – In Honor of Ryan Braun
  • 18 – In Honor of Chai or Life
  • 32 – In Honor of Sandy Koufax
  • 48 – In Honor of Israel Becoming a State

The 6 “GOLD ISSUE” Limited Edition pieces are an extra $1,500 each while available

Jewish Baseball Player Original Autographed Artwork

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